Tuesday, April 15, 2008

stadium status

A brief update - today I will be in Texas reading to kids in the Abilene school district. They are the kids who awarded me with the uber cool Mockingbird Award for Punk Farm. Since I am in town ahead of TLA and we all wanted to get as many kids involved as possible, the schools are busing the kids to the local high school's auditorium.

It seats 1,000. Two sessions of 1,000 1-3 graders.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

It was ROCKING! Thanks so much for a fab visit to Abilene TX - dinner with the "gang" - don't think your crime fighting lunch lady has anything over the researching Library Lady aka bunhead BUT I am SURE she will be a great sleuth accomplice to your lunch lady's crime agenda on fighting crime. Can't tell how PUMPED UP the kiddos were after your presentation! I REALLY appreciate the fact you emphasized (sp) that dreams (in your case publishing books) do not just walk in easy...every child left knowing that to pursue dreams it takes endurance. Thank you for making it such a special treat by visiting ABILENE TX and letting the kiddos know that the Abilene Mockingbird Award was as special to you as it is to US!
SRH - Dyess Elementary - Dyess Air Force Base - Abilene TX

CW said...

Nice buddy!