Monday, December 05, 2016

Help Raise Money for Arts Education! (& win a drawing lesson or another prize!)

I am auctioning off some exclusive artwork and opportunities to help raise money for arts education at the Worcester Art Museum. I'll definitely be able to help award art classes to a few kids, but if you help me spread the word (and maybe even bid), we'll be able to award art classes to a few DOZEN kids.

Bidding happens here:…/29326/auctions/35247…

Thanks so much!

Things are brewing...

All five Krosoczka family members stopped by to say hello to our book family. We can't say just what, but there are some awesome things brewing!


Sometimes fan mail can be humbling...

Commissioned Drawings Arriving!

Love this! Art is starting to arrive for people who ordered commissions on Etsy. I'll keep the shop up for a little while longer if you want to order a drawing.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Bid to support art education!

As many of you know, my grandparents were tremendously supportive of my creative efforts when I was a kid. Every year at this time, I remember them through an online auction that will help give kids free art classes in their name at the Worcester Art Museum. I love the idea of Joe and Shirl continuing to connect kids to an arts education.
The Joseph and Shirley Krosoczka Memorial Youth Scholarships at the Worcester Art Museum provide free tuition for art courses to children in unique familial situations with limited financial means. These items can't be bought at a store, found anywhere else online and will only be available through these fundraising efforts.
My time at the Worcester Art Museum was profound for reasons beyond the fact that I grew up to be a professional artist. Art helped me make sense of my world and acted a means of escape from the hand that I was dealt. Thank you for helping me give that gift to kids in my hometown!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Small Business Saturday!

Although I was unable to get to my local indie bookshop this past Saturday, I wanted to support them just the same. If you are looking to get any of my books signed and personalized, please consider placing an order through the Broadside Bookshop website.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Limited Commissions

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I post a daily sketch there. After about a year of people asking, I'm opening up an Etsy shop where I will take a limited amount of commissions. This will probably only run for a few weeks, so if you ever wanted me to draw your kid or your pet, click on over to the link below. Thanks so much!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Reassuring art for kids

Over the last week, I've created a few images that I hoped would help lift spirits of the young ones at your school.

If you would like to hang these in your classroom, please feel free to print and hang.

This first one is a quote from my daughter's classroom. They state this before class discussions.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Halloween Compilation!

It is an incredible honor when someone dresses up as one of my characters. This Halloween there were lots of great renditions (and some great pumpkins too)!

When a kid dresses up as a Star Wars character... And it's a Star Wars character YOU invented!
Thanks Lillian, you make for an awesome Artemis Aphooine!

My friend Dana in Texas served up justice this Halloween!

Thank you to third-grader Izzy for making this awesome Platypus Police Squad pumpkin! Detective Zengo looks great!

The lunch ladies at Eiic Knowlton School in Berwick, Maine served up more justice!

Detective Rick Zengo never looked so good!
Photo via @WordNerd80 on Twitter.

Lunch Lady at Willard School looks grate! (See what I did there?)
Photo via @willard_lib on Twitter.

Detective Rick Zengo of the Platypus Police Squad looks gourd-geous.
Photo via @booksandbytes on Twitter.

Sorry, but the pirate is no match for Lunch Lady's wits and fish stick nunchucks.
Photo via @twilibrarian on Twitter.

And finally, one from home...

You squirrels couldn't have waited until November 1st?! And you only had one job!

Hope everyone had a wonderful & spooky Halloween!

Forbes Library Mural and Collaboration with Kids!

Earlier this fall, I transformed the stairwell leading to the children's department in Forbes Library. Here's a look! I wanted to design a space that would inspire young readers and celebrate the city of Northampton. I celebrated with the community this past Saturday, complete with comically oversized scissors for the ribbon cutting!

Each window in the mural offers a glimpse of a book by an author who has lived in Western Mass.

Kids who came to the ribbon cutting ceremony got to help me finish the mural by drawing flowers on the Library Lawn! With the addition of flowers drawn by the youngest patrons of Forbes Library, the mural is complete!

P.S. Here's a before picture, to remind you what the stairwell used to look like...

And voila!


To see the full photo album on facebook, click here!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Let All the Children Boogie!

I'm proud to have illustrated the album cover for LET ALL THE CHILDREN BOOGIE: A TRIBUTE TO DAVID BOWIE. Not only is this a fantastic collection of reinterpretations of Bowie's songs by some of the top indie musicians for kids and grown-ups, but the proceeds benefit the It Gets Better Project.

Album drops on November 18. It's been getting some great buzz, even appeared in The New York Times!

And huge thanks to my friends at Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child for inviting me on!

The Day I Spoke at the White House

Why I visited The White House on October 19, 2016.

It was an immense privilege and honor to travel to Washington D.C. to be a part of the launch of Changing Minds, a new campaign that empowers adults to support children who have trauma and violence in their homes. The science behind this program is fascinating—the toxic stress released in the developing brain can create permanent adverse affects. But teachers, librarians, couches, counselors, lunch ladies—anyone working with children can help change that course with five daily gestures.

∙ Celebrate
∙ Comfort
∙ Collaborate
∙ Listen
∙ Inspire

You can literally change their minds.

I shared stories of my childhood and told tales of the teachers who made an immense difference in my life.

Changing Minds is a partnership between The United States Department of Justice, Ad Council and Futures Without Violence. I am so humbled that they invited me.

If you'd like to learn more, please check out their website:

And former Attorney General Eric Holder was every bit as kind as you would imagine.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Creative Galaxy Art Consultant

It's not every day that you get to appear on your kids' favorite TV show!
Season 2 of Creative Galaxy has been released, and I am in it! I make an on-camera appearance in two episodes, but I also served as Art Consultant for the entire season. I'm excited to share some art concepts with such a large audience.
My kids LOVED season 1. After every episode, they wanted to turn off the television and make whichever art project that was introduced in that story. 
Creative Galaxy is created by the amazingly talented folks behind Blue's Clues and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It was an honor to work with this talented crew!
Creative Galaxy is streaming now on Amazon Prime. I'm in episodes 7 and 8, but check out the entire season with your young artists. 
Also—Jason Priestly voices a talking pencil. What more could you ask for?

Forbes Library Mural

This is a composite of photos of the stairwell leading to the children's department at the Forbes Library, the main branch here in the city of Northampton. I'm so honored that Jude, the head librarian, asked me if I'd be interested in transforming this space. 
Imagine that? Coming up with something that could inspire generations of young readers as they enter the library.

I posted a slew of work-in-progress photos over on the Instagrams. 

Grace Lin and the National Book Awards Longlist

I'm excited for all of the nominees, but I am especially excited to see Grace Lin on the National Book Awards Longlist!
When the Sea Turned to Silver is a beautiful book and while it won't hit bookshelves until next month, I can tell you it will be worth the wait! 

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Observational sketches by the shore and family draw time.

When I was a kid, my grandfather had me convinced that there were two seagulls named Stanley and Leroy. We'd visit them every time we went to the beach. And we spotted good ol' Stanley and Leroy this afternoon!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Weekly Sketch Roundup

Every day I post a sketch to social media, this is my favorite this week!

Saturday night #DadLife

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