Thursday, April 17, 2008


1,000 1-3rd graders. I was up for the challenge when it was first thrown out there by Sandi Rainwater. I had two days in Abilene and 18 schools to get to. I would visit 3 schools individually, but the rest would be bussed into the local high school and in two sessions I would present and read to an auditorium filled with 1-3rd graders. In auditorium that seats 1,000.

After all, these kids awarded me with the Mockingbird Award. And since I'm a visual person, I put together this little video to show them how excited I was to have revceived the award:

Reading to 1,000 kids is a pretty amazing experience. I highly suggest you try it someday. The energy in the room was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I'm speaking at TLA this morning and I put together this video on my experience with reading in Abilene.

A HUGE thank you to Sandi and the Abilene gang for pulling this off!

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