Monday, April 14, 2008

South Carolina

I swept through the great state of South Carolina last week, hitting schools around Columbia. Lots of crazy librarians those South Carolinian librarians. I was met with lots of enthusiasm and even MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. Well, not the actual rappers, but their music. D'Etta of Pleasant Hill wanted to make me feel at home - in a 1991 kind of way. She even gifted me a Frogger video game to thank me for making the trip. Between those acts of kindness, the kids who danced the running man and the was the start of a fantastic trip. I even got to make the rounds of the morning news shows - each school broadcasts live from the library. I wish my elementary school had had their own TV show. A big thank you to Valerie and the gang for making the trip possible!

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Valerie Byrd Fort said...

LOVE the Bagheads! You were AWESOME! Thanks for coming to South Carolina!