Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Funny Kid Quote - Tomie dePaola edition

Gina and I came home from a date night to hear our two year old screaming from her crib. Very unusual at that hour and very unlike our daughter. I went into her room to comfort her and not only was she crying, but she was wailing, "Tomie daPola! Tomie daPola!" Huh? Was she having a weird dream? No. Her babysitter forgot to put the Tomie books in the crib.

You see, our daughter sleeps with books at night. She selects different books every evening and she reads them as she drifts off to sleep and reads them when she wakes up. She was indignant that there were no selections from Tomie for her to choose from.

By coincidence, our dear friend Tomie was just in town, too—just a few days after this incident. He was interviewed by WRSI's Monte Belmonte on the radio. You can give that a listen here! 

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Sean F said...

My (now) four year-olds first word was "Erik Carle". No lie.