Saturday, May 21, 2011

Easily one of the greatest days at a public library

Comics Fest in Durham, NC was beyond spectacular. The hosting librarians thought of everything and covered all of their patrons. I flew in to talk about Lunch Lady for this kids. Jason Lutes was there to talk about comics for the teens and grown-ups. And at the end of the afternoon, a cosplay prom for the teens.

Here are some scenes from the day:

How awesome is this? Celeste made a Lunch Lady and the Summer Camp Shakedown board game! I love it!

And look who was signing books next to me! Young cartoonists Max, Caroline and Joshua. As a way to promote the event, the library hosted a comics workshop a few months ago. The kids' comics were printed as mini-comics and the cartoonists were invited to sign copies that were given away. I was lucky enough to nab personalized copies of everyone's books.

This was beyond amazing.

They also had a super-hero dress up kit (for those who didn't bring their own costumes) and a nifty backdrop for photo taking. Kids left with copies of the photos. Well, kids and me...

I had to leave before the cosplay prom began....

...said my goodbyes to cartoonists Jason Lutes and Jan Martijn Burger....

...before dashing off to the airport.

HUGE thank you and many props to librarians Amy and Patrick for dreaming this day up and making it happen!

And if all that isn't enough, what's not to love about librarians who make pamphlets like this to hand out to parents:

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