Friday, December 17, 2010

fall book tour flashback part 4

The Little d Award, now known as the Denise McCoy Legacy Award for Humor, is given by a team of librarians, kids and friends of the late Denise McCoy. Denise was a passionate bookseller and advocate for children's literature who lived and worked in the Albany, NY area. And she LOVED funny books. I was honored to have had Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute win the 2010 award in her name. And the events surrounding the award were outstanding! Denise would be so proud of all of the hard work that her friends do. Kids are given books in her name and the entire community gets psyched up about literature. Now that is an incredible legacy.
The day started at Arbor Hill Elementary. I was introduced by Albany's mayor and the reigning Tulip Queen.

Each kid had their own copy of LL1 and I signed them as they walked in. These kids were pumped!

I got to kick it with come real lunch ladies. (Bad pun, huh?)

Next,  it was off to The Book House, a great indie, where local classrooms of kids had a field trip.

That evening, there was a very nice reception, where the award was presented. I was touched by everyone's kind words in the presentation, but mostly honored that they used "mole communicators" to introduce the various committee members.Pictured here: Herb Shultz, President of the Board of Directors for 15LOVE, Mishka Gilkes, 2010 Tulip Queen, Allyson Shea, Little d committee member, and Tom O'Brien, Denise's McCoy's brother.
The Albany Times Union published a nice article on the whole shebang!

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