Thursday, December 16, 2010

fall book tour flashback part 3

I spent some time in Fairfax, VA with some outstanding school librarians this fall. I couldn't help but notice LL3 was mingling on the shelves with Masterpiece, which is illustrated by my ol' RISD classmate Kelly Murphy.

I popped into Comic Con NY for a few minutes and lookit that! Is that someone cospalying as Baghead? I caught up with this guy and Nothing displayed on the front of the bag was fit to print...

This is the group shot from the annual illustration show at R. Michelson Galleries. Just a few people who live in my neighborhood. Check out more pics and the full list of folks here.

Here I am with Jeanne Birdsall and Rich Michelson.

I was honored that the Connecticut Children's Book Fair not only invited me to participate, but asked to use Punk Farm as their image for the 2010 Fair.

PF was everywhere! Signs, name cards, you name it!

And there was a HUGE cut-out display of the band. It blew me away!

People come to this book fair to DEVOUR books. It was unreal!

Clifford was there to cause trouble.

Ed Young and I texted a picture to his editor, Alvina Ling.

And I met author/illustrator Allison Paul. Well, I should say "re-met" her. Way back in 2002, Grace Lin and I organized a show at RISD with lots of fellow newly published illustrators, like Anna Alter, Amy Walrod and Kelly Murphy.
Back then, Allison was an illustration student hoping to get published and she was at our lecture. Wow! When she told me this at UConn, I was really moved. You just never know when your words will resonate or make a difference.

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