Wednesday, February 17, 2010

exhibits & events on the North Shore

To all my friends on the nohth shoa' -- I'll be heading your way soon!

My work will be on display in two great exhibits. In Wenham, I'll be exhibiting alongside old friend and ├╝ber talented illustrator Kelly Murphy at the Gallery Della-Piana. That show will go up on February 27th and be up through April 24th. I will be on hand to read from and sign my books on March 5th from 4:30-6. (152 Main St Wenham, MA 01984)

My work will also be on display at Wavepaint Gallery in Ipswich, MA. This is a group exhibit and will feature many talented published illustrators. Unfortunately, my schedule prohibits me from attending the events surrounding this exhibit. This show goes up on March 1st and comes down on April 17th. (4 Market Street, Ipswich MA 01938)

I will also be the speaker at the winter meeting of the PSA North Shore Council on Wednesday March 10th. Click here for information on registering and attending.


Kyle said...

Northshore- does that mean Cameros driven by big hair girls named Donna? Sounds like a job for LL.

The Writer's Hook said...

Hey, do you evern get to the Midwest? I'm a teacher and bought one of your Lunch Lady books at a school bookfair. I read it in no time and thought it was hilarious. So funny! Keep up the great writing and drawing too!