Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Funny kid story

Librarian Terri of Lexington, SC recently wrote in with this funny kid story. She happily agreed to let me post the story here. Enjoy!

A second grader just came to the library with her class and immediately asked for a book about Tchaikovsky. I located our biography and tried to hand it to her, but received a blank stare in return. I asked "Didn't you want a book about Tchaikovsky?" And she replied, "I wanted Punk Farm". (What???) I found "Punk Farm" for her and told her I was confused about what "Punk Farm" and Tchaikovsky had in common and she replied, you know, that author who came for Family Reading Night, Jarrett Tchaikovsky."


Vivian said...

LOL. Nothing like being identified with the greats! Congrats on the refined taste of your second grade fan.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Curious City said...

There is a family resemblance.