Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dinner Theater or Dinner Theatre (it was a classy event)

I've seen many cool things on my school visits, but I've never had a dinner theater. On a recent trip to Virginia, the 1st graders at Ashby Lee Elementary put together an amazing spectacle of drama, humor and rock. There were sets, props and costumes. Local dignitaries were invited to dine on Baghead, Punk Farm and Slug themed foods, while mini productions based on my books unfolded from every corner of the room. I had a tear in my eye, it was very moving - and hilarious. Some of those kids have bright futures in Hollywood.

They even made me wear a crown and a sash. I can't say I've ever worn a sash before. Here I am practicing my wave.


Anonymous said...

You wear a sash well, and should consider it for everyday wear. G probably would look good in a sash, too. And, the triplets you're expecting. Youbetcha!

Dana said...

Thank you again for such an amazing experience. After weeks of practice and preparation, it was so cool to take off my "director's hat" and sit back to enjoy the show. You are right about these rising stars...ALL of the students impressed me in so many ways.

The students are still talking about you! We had PE yesterday in the gym where you gave your presentation. As we were lining up to go, one little girl jumped up and said, "Is Mr. Krosoczka still in there giving presentations?" Too cute. Today I was doing a reading assessment with one student while the other seven students (I only had half of the class at the time) were playing with the puppet theater. I glanced up to see them reenacting My Buddy Slug with a seal, a mouse, and a chicken. I love to watch children at play!

I have to say, in all of my nine years of teaching this whole experience has been one of the most memorable! Thank you again!

P.S. I beat you to the blog. Please check mine out when you get the chance. I also posted a few pictures from the event.


Vivian said...

Very regal wave! I must say, the sash is awesome! It has your name on it! The kids must have loved having you visit.

Diane said...

My students had a lot to say about your visit. They love your books. They enjoyed learning their parts and performing for you that day (especially the performing). These are just a few of the many comments my kids made after reading your blog.

James said, "I had fun in Annie Was Warned. I liked that book."

Sam said, "I liked being the sheep. I liked when you came to see the plays."

Katelyn said, "I liked playing the guitar and being the pig. I had lots of fun."

Jacob said, "My favorite book is My Buddy Slug."

Lupita said, "I liked the play Punk Farm. I liked the kid's performance."

Raquel said, "I am glad because you saw our plays. Will you come back soon?"

Melissa said, "I liked the plays because they were funny and silly. The sheep in Punk Farm said, 'Are you ready to rock?'"

The whole experience of performing in front of one of their literary idols will never be forgotten and is a highlight of my teaching career.

jjk said...

hi diane and dana - that is so flattering to hear that it was such a highlight in your career. because it was a highlight of mine! i'll be talking about it for years to come! tomie depaola has a similar story that he reflects on.

it was so cool and thank you again for all of your hard work!