Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kid quotes, y'all

Hey y'all... Wait - what was that I said? "Y'all"? It can only mean one thing - I've been spending a lot of time in the South. Yes, I have been zig-zagging the South for school visits recently. Don't believe me, well then check out the proof here and here. I've hung out with some great students, great librarians - two who are authors (Hi Jackie Hopkins and Pat Miller!) and one who is a blogger (Hi BookMoot!). And of course I didn't bring my camera, but in Alabama the librarians there made a crazy awesome Punk Farm van.

In Texas, my friends brought me to the rodeo. Man those bulls are aggressive beasts!

But the true highlights of these trips are the things that come out of the kids' mouths.... Here are the best of the best:

KID #1: "Do you drive a Lamborghini?"
ME: "No."
KID #2: "Do you have a jet ski?"
ME: (laughing) "No."
KID #3: "I thought you were supposed to be rich. Don't you at least have a plasma TV?"


"Do you like Taco Bell?"


"Are you the author?"

(This was asked after my 45 minute presentation on being an author, how I've been an author since I was a kid, how I came up with ideas behind certain books, etc, etc....)


"You should write Punk Farm on Ice."

Not a bad idea. When I was a kid, I saw Snorks on Ice. For reals....

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