Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wynewood, PA - THURSDAY

Hey Wynewood, PA friends -

As a reader just pointed out to me, I have a date wrong on all of my tour listings. My event at the Borders in Wynewood, PA is on Thursday, November 8th @ 7 PM. Sorry for any confusion!!!!

Here is the store's listing of the event.

Please pass the word on to anyone who may have been planning on attending!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jarrett, thanks so much for coming to our school today and talking with our students. You are such a great guy and I wish you the best on the rest of your tour. Thanks for the goat picture, he is my favorite. I can't wait to post some of the pics on my library blog. Hope you had a nice time (NOT)at that public school you were visiting after ours. Hope you can visit our school again sometime...

Mary Beth said...

We had a great time in Wynnewood Thursday night. I got some (dark) pictures which are up on my blog www.marybeth494.blogspot.com and Helen's got the drawings on our store site www.heyteachllc.blogspot.com if you want to see how awesome they look. Thanks very much:)