Thursday, November 08, 2007

Worcester in Virginia?

I go all the way down to Virginia for a reading at Barnes & Noble in McLean and who do I see but a dude in a Worcester Sharks T-shirt?! Although we hail from the same city, we didn't know anyone in common and he wasn't sporting his Sharks shirt b/c he knew of our shared hometown. Thank you to everyone who came out (and on election night, too) to pick up a copy of PFoT! (For my friends from the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp who are reading this, you may recognize Liz Manning in the back. And while you can't see her, she's talking to John McNeil's momma. His aunt and grandma were there as well. I guess we should have had a proper photo shoot....)

The next day I ran around town from school to school in the Arlington/McLean, VA area by the nifty Alladdin's Lamp Children's Book shop. A thank you to all the schools and the store for their support!

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