Friday, February 16, 2007

"Thank You, Indiana!!!" ?

Gov. Mitch Daniels could quite possibly be the highest elected official to read Punk Farm.

This is from The Courier-Journal:

Seated in a rocking chair, Gov. Mitch Daniels helped Hilda Kendrick's kindergarten class at Utica Elementary School read a book called "Punk Farm" yesterday.

It's about an animal band, and every time Daniels asked a question about the story, one of the 25 or so kids had an immediate answer.

"You know this book pretty well," Daniels said at one point, and one of the students nodded and said, "We already took a quiz on it."

A few pages later the band members say, "Thank you, Indiana" to their audience. "I like that," Daniels said.

"It used to be 'Wisconsin,' " a couple of the youngsters replied.

They were right. A strip of paper with "Indiana" written on it had been temporarily taped over "Wisconsin," just for the governor's visit to the Clark County school.

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