Thursday, February 15, 2007

The "Get This Book" Series

I first found an Oliver Jeffers book a few years back. I love all of his books, but I think that my favorite is Lost and Found. It's a story about a penguin who turns up at a boy's doorstep and their journey to the South Pole. Though, it runs much deeper than that on an emotional level. Lost and Found, like Jeffers' other titles are of another world. They are like modern-day folk tales and the pacing of the story juxtaposed to the pictures is pitch perfect.

If you're not familiar with Jeffers' work, hop on it. He's a bit of an international superstar. Make sure you stop by his website - to check out all of his artwork, not just his stuff for picture books.

PS - A special thanks to the '7 Impossible Things' Blog for encouraging my occasional recommendations!

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