Wednesday, August 09, 2006

home from the LA SCBWI conference

So after a fun filled 4 or so days of the SCBWI, I am home! And trying to catch up on stuff here. It's a fairly busy week - I have an interview tomorrow at "Here and Now" on Boston's NPR station and the day after at 7 NBC's "Urban Update". I'll post airdates for both soon! And I'll also post some photos from the SCBWI soon as well!

There were so many highlights of the conference for me, but one of the biggest for me was to hear Jane Yolen speak. I've never actually heard her give a formal speech - and if you ever get the chance - by all means get there to hear it! She is wise, humorous and graceful behind the podium - which is no surprise!


Steph said...

That was an amazing speech- especially since she was still recovering from a nasty bit of food poisoning from the day before! I felt so bad for her because every time I would see her I saw people coming up to her with this "I fell your pain" bit (the stuff she has been writing about on her blog)- and I thought, that that would be an incredible tiring thing to hear all day. BUT she was amazing- quite a spirit in that one.

Disco Mermaids said...

For many of us at the conference, a definite highlight was the video at the end of your keynote speech. It was both hilarious and inspiring...followed by a well-deserved standing ovation!

I'm glad you were able to make it.

- Jay