Sunday, June 04, 2006

my brother's video

Last fall, I was honored when my younger brother asked if he could do a video on my life and work for his media project. It was the final project for the class and it had to focus on a member of his family. Rich wanted to talk about how I grew to be successful, along with the circumstances of my childhood. He used some outtakes from The Punk Farm Book Tour movie and shot additional video of me painting and us talking at my house. Why he wore a mullet wig, I don't really know. But I'm sure you may be asking yourself, too - why would I own a mullet wig in the first place? I guess both could be answered with a simple - "Why not?" At any rate - here's the video - I think he did a great job putting it together.

Watch it here.



alvina said...

Wow--that's great! Really well done. I especially liked the use of "Baby's got sauce."

Emily said...

As for the wig...I have a long blonde one (though not a mullet). We used it for a video we did promoting the Summer Reading Program. It came in handy. You never know when one day you'll need a mullet wig, you'll be suprised.

Jennie Broome said...

I actually have 2 mullet wigs. Must say taking them to friends weddings for formal pictures after the event is pretty fun!