Monday, June 12, 2006

the 12th of June

June 12th is a significant date for me - because on June 12, 2001, my first book - Good Night, Monkey Boy was published. Which makes today Monkey Boy's (and my publishing career's) 5th anniversary. These past 5 years have flew and I've enjoyed every moment of creating, reading, traveling and everything that has come with this game of publishing. Needless to say there are so many people that have made this possible for me - my family, my friends, everyone at my publisher who has continually backed me up, all of my readers and librarian friends and of course most recently, too - my agents and everyone involved with the DreamWorks project.

And another reason why the 12th is a big number for me - 3 months to the date until My Buddy, Slug is published!!!

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