Tuesday, January 10, 2006

following through

So I haven't touched water colors in years and man - they aren't easy! My step-brother Deven had posed for some reference photos for me for a character I have down the line and I used them as source material. It was a good excercise, but frustrating! I have so much respect for artists who use this medium. I also made it to my local coffee shop to sketch. And all of this creative excerice feels good!


Autumn'sRaven said...

These are really good. I love water colors.

Brian Biggs said...

Whew. Glad you're getting the practice, monkey punk boy. Water color is for sissies anyway. Real children's book artists draw with blood and tears.

Brian Biggs

Brian Cellery (Cousin' Cellery) said...

Love the water colors man. They still don't hold a candle to the pictures you used to show me at THITWGC some years ago.