Monday, January 23, 2006


I’ve been working lots of long hours lately, polishing up the new It’ll be worth it once I’m done, but it’s hard to see that sometimes when I look at the clock and suddenly it’s in the AM again and I realize that I need to get sleep! It has a lot of new features and I’m hiding little bits of stuff here and there – you’ll be able to uncover hidden pictures, complete rough drafts, old books that I made as a kid (in their entirety) and somewhere – the most embarrassing photo of me ever taken – my 9th grade student ID.

So stay tuned! I’m hoping to launch it sometime in early February!


yucaree said...

love the website! i like how you included arcade games. i'll be playing those with my son. :)

is it okay to use one of your im icons as a blogger avatar? just thought i would check with you before uploading it to my user profile.


jjk said...

hey yucaree - thanks for all of your posts. i would love it if you used the im icons as your avatar!

yucaree said...

jjk -- just saw that the website is updated. love it! i'm so excited about the new images under the free stuff. i'm thinking of making punk farm t-shirts for me & my son and a onesie for my daughter. and the posters at cafepress are great!