Friday, December 09, 2005

back at the RISD

A few weeks ago at the Robert's Snow opening I ran into an old college professor, Oren Sherman. Oren was by far one of the greatest teachers I had while a student at RISD. There was no way you could get away with doing marginal work in his class and in crits - no matter how good something was, he'd let you know what needed to be fixed and no matter how bad something was, he'd point out something that was working. So when he asked me to come in and talk to his illustration I sophomores, it was pretty easy to 'yes'.

I went in to talk to his students yesterday. I've returned to the school on a number of occasions to talk, but mostly it's in a bigger lecture setting. But this was cool because I stuck around for the day, participated in crits and got to know some of the students. And I didn't show slides, just talked about how I got to where I am while they thumbed through my books. It totally reminded me of that time in my life where I was a sophomore, eager to get into the game of illustration.

And man, these kids have skills. Their projects were great and I can't wait to see where some of them are in just a few years as seniors.

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