Tuesday, September 15, 2020

After-school Clubs

 We are excited to offer a weekly comics clubs for kids and young adults!

Weekly fifty-minute meetings and tutorials from New York Times-bestselling author Jarrett J. Krosoczka! This program will run for eight sessions PLUS students will upload their comics and work to a Google Classroom in-between meetings so that Jarrett and peers can offer encouragement!


JJK's Comics Club

Ages 7-12

This Comics Club will be all about creating adventures that draw upon the goofy sensibilities of the young artists just as Jarrett's did with his Lunch Lady and Jedi Academy books!


Graphic Novel Intensive for Young Adults

Ages 13 and up

This Comics Club will be all about guiding teens through writing and making their own graphic novels.


**Clubs will cap at 30 participants** **If fewer than 15 registrants, the session will be combined with a separate session or cancelled.**

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