Sunday, November 03, 2019

More Hey, Kiddo Audiobook Samples!

Did you know that you can get audiobooks from your public library directly to your device?! If your local library doesn't have the Hey, Kiddo audiobook, consider putting in an ask to your librarians.
While I use the Libby app with my local library, I'm wondering what other apps your public library might use in your neck of the woods...

Here is another clip from the upcoming Hey, Kiddo audiobook. In this scene, young Pat is played by Pat’s kid, opposite my kid playing young me. And Pat’s mom is played by...PAT’S MOM!
How amazing to have these connections, and what a beautifully surreal way to relive life in my childhood neighborhood.

How utterly amazing for me to have my teachers and mentors from high school come on into the recording booth to play themselves in this production...

Having a parent who is dealing with addictions can be unpredictable, heartbreaking, and deflating. This scene depicts one of the many times I thought my mother was back on her feet...‬

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