Sunday, November 04, 2018

Hey, Kiddo Ink Washes

When I told my art director that I wouldn’t be hiring an assistant to help shade HEY, KIDDO, he was nervous. Rightfully so—how would I ever make the deadline? When I told him I’d be using traditional materials and not digital brushes, he thought I was crazy. Rightfully so. I love digital tools, but there is something very unpredictable when you mix ink with water. Depending on the ratios, you get very different effects. Plus, with some of the intense emotional scenes, I didn’t want to be in full control of what happened on the page, just as I wasn’t in full control in those real-life moments. So for every page of linework, there is a page of ink washes. And yes, they were merged together using digital tools. And my studio assistant, Sam, helped with scanning and file prep. It was still a monumental effort, and I am glad that I stuck with my vision.
Here are some of the ink-wash pages. Perhaps you’ll recognize the scenes.

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