Monday, December 11, 2017

Santa's Train Display

I played the part of Train Conductor at Santa’s Train Display at Look Park over the weekend. A father and son approached me at the train display. The father told me that he had heard that the author of the Lunch Lady books would be at the event. In my old-timey conductor voice, I confirmed that yes, Jarrett was here. The father asked where. I told him, “Oh, he keeps comin’ in and out ‘round this area.” The father was disappointed. He had thought maybe Jarrett would be set up with a table or something. I told them that I was good friends with Jarrett and I’d be happy to pass along any messages. The dad looked at me and told me about how his son really loved the Lunch Lady books—they really hooked him onto reading. I smiled and told him that was a wonderful story. Then the dad looked at me and said, “Wait. Are you? Are you Jarrett?” I thought the dad was just playing along, but he wasn’t. And then we all had a good laugh.

Here are some more scenes from Santa’s Train Display at Look Park! Open from 4-8 every day until Dec. 23, with limited hours on Dec. 24. I’ll be back this season in the capacity as dad, but I’ll be back as conductor for another night next year!

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