Monday, July 17, 2017

Awesome People and Awesome Places!

I received one of the annual Trustees Awards at Forbes Library, here in Northampton, for my mural in the children's department. I was trying to fly under the radar about it, but then a bunch of my author pals showed up to cheer me on. I only mention it here so that you can know how awesome and wonderful my friends are. And they turned up not knowing I'd mention them in my presentation! The ceremony was in the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library, which is located on the top floor of the Forbes.

When you run into one of your kids' best pals at the airport and you have a suitcase filled with the yet-to-be-published Jedi Academy, this happens. This Star-Wars-obsessed kiddo got a last-minute carry-on item, making him the first non-Krosoczka kid to get a copy.

And sometimes, you go to a Green Day concert, you help this kid get on stage, he plays guitar with Billie Joe Armstrong, absolutely kills it, Billie Joe gives the kid the guitar, that video goes crazy viral and then you end up being the visiting author at that kid's school. 
Apparently, Grant went around school referring to me as "my boy Jarrett." How cool is this kid? Anyhow, I chose him as one of the volunteers to play the scribble game. I gave him the marker after the set...

‪What an awesome day at A2CAF!

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