Monday, November 07, 2016

Halloween Compilation!

It is an incredible honor when someone dresses up as one of my characters. This Halloween there were lots of great renditions (and some great pumpkins too)!

When a kid dresses up as a Star Wars character... And it's a Star Wars character YOU invented!
Thanks Lillian, you make for an awesome Artemis Aphooine!

My friend Dana in Texas served up justice this Halloween!

Thank you to third-grader Izzy for making this awesome Platypus Police Squad pumpkin! Detective Zengo looks great!

The lunch ladies at Eiic Knowlton School in Berwick, Maine served up more justice!

Detective Rick Zengo never looked so good!
Photo via @WordNerd80 on Twitter.

Lunch Lady at Willard School looks grate! (See what I did there?)
Photo via @willard_lib on Twitter.

Detective Rick Zengo of the Platypus Police Squad looks gourd-geous.
Photo via @booksandbytes on Twitter.

Sorry, but the pirate is no match for Lunch Lady's wits and fish stick nunchucks.
Photo via @twilibrarian on Twitter.

And finally, one from home...

You squirrels couldn't have waited until November 1st?! And you only had one job!

Hope everyone had a wonderful & spooky Halloween!

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