Thursday, April 14, 2016

School Lunch Hero Day and the School Nutrition Association

School Lunch Hero Day (May 6, 2016) is approaching, and what excites me the most is seeing the homemade gifts made by the students for their lunchroom heroes—I absolutely love seeing aprons and T-shirts decorated by young artists in our schools!
There were several companies that requested use of my character and the School Lunch Hero Day logo to print on aprons and T-shirts. (Some unfortunately did so without my permission...please be wary.) The only group licensed to sell School Lunch Hero Day items is the School Nutrition Association. School Nutrition Association uses a portion of the proceeds from these sales for scholarships to help school nutrition professionals receive professional development. I thought this would be the best use of my artwork. 
If you would like to purchase official School Lunch Hero Day items for your staff, please visit School Nutrition Association’s website at:
Thank you so much again for celebrating!

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