Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mark Lynch and I Talk Comics!

As a kid, I took many classes in comics and animation taught by Mark Lynch at the Worcester Art Museum. Those classes were CRITICAL to my development as an artist (and a person). In those comics classes we created comic book anthologies based around a theme. Mark shepherded us all along, taught us how to work under deadline—and how to work with other artists. He even placed the printed anthologies at the local comic book shop, That's Entertainment in Worcester. 
Mark has also had me on his radio show every single year since I was first published in 2001.
Imagine how excited I was to bring him the second Comics Squad anthology with SNOOPY!
Listen to two old friends talk comics, lost balloons and platypuses here: 
(And listen for my impossibly shy wife, Gina, who was in the room.)

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