Thursday, August 06, 2015


It's not every day that you get to sit at your hero's desk in the very space that he made the comics you grew up reading. Getting a tour of Charles Schultz's Studio and his museum was truly a bucket-list moment!

Here is a painting of Snoopy that I made when I was in the fourth grade. I remember making this in Mrs. Beatty's art class, which was located in the attic of Gates Lane School in Worcester. I spilled paint and was very upset that I had "messed up" the picture. Mrs. Beatty encourage me to use that spilled paint as an opportunity to make something I wouldn't have otherwise. She ended up putting this piece in an exhibit of student work at the Worcester Art Museum. I still remember the excitement of seeing it presented on the wall!

And here are photos of me as a kid with my Snoopy dolls.


Erin Taylor said...

Hi Jarrett!

This is my first time commenting on your blog but I have been reading it for a long time. Charles Schulz is also my hero and it would be a dream come true to visit his studio and museum someday. In my own studio where I work and aspire to write and illustrate children's books I have a spot for all of my Peanuts books and memorabilia- which isn't large enough to hold it all! I really love that painting and how your teacher got you to see the spill as a positive opportunity.

Jarrett J. Krosoczka said...

Thanks so much for reading, Erin! It was just beyond thrilling to see his space!