Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Totally Tardy Marty

Are you typically tardy, like Marty, or never late, like Kate?
Totally Tardy Marty is a story about hall monitors, big ideas and friendship. Written by Erica S. Perl, illustrated by me, and on bookshelves now!

Totally Tardy Marty and Never-Late Kate's friendship was brought to life through Erica S. Perl's words and a mix of traditional and digital media. Not to mention the superlative design work by Chad Beckerman, the editing skills of Susan Van Metre and everyone at Abrams!
I created the art for Totally Tardy Marty using paint, crayons, pens, my Surface Pro 3 and toast....

The manuscript for Erica S. Perl's Totally Tardy Marty included a dog for the main character, so I drew a pug.

Here is a sketch-to-finish animated gif: 

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