Sunday, November 02, 2014


I received an embarrassment of riches this Halloween. And none of them will give me cavities! It's such an honor to have a place in the imaginations of young readers and their grown-ups. Here's a round-up of some of the awesomeness sent my way this Halloween.

Did you dress up as one of my characters?  I'd love to see photos if you are willing to share them, and if I'd love to post them to this blog if you are willing. Please email Thanks so much!

At the top of the list is this trick-or-treater that came to my house! He didn't dress up as one of my characters, but as one of my BOOKS! Yes, the actual book! Cover, spine, title page, back cover, bar code and all! (He got extra candy and autographed books...) Check it out! So incredibly creative!

Here's another special one. This is librarian Mary Lasley from Texas. If you watched the Symposium on the Reluctant Reader, you would have heard me referencing this amazing line that she gave in defense of graphic novels and comics. Do you remember the analogy of comics and the playground? That was her. Brilliant!

Ask yourself—Am I prepared for a ridiculously cute video? If so, check out Pig from Punk Farm, who went trick-or-treating in Oklahoma.

As you know, pumpkins are a HUGE deal in the Krosoczka house. Look at these fantastic creations that were sent in:

Detective Rick Zengo of the Platypus Police Squad! Sent in by
Purefoy Elementary in Frisco, Tx!

Punk Farm! Created by Fisher Elementary in Connecticut!
Shannon in Texas made this great Peanut Butter and Jellyfish pumpkin!

Check out this incredible Platypus Police Squad Jack O'lantern sent in by a young reader in Massachusetts! 

Not to be outdone, a lot of school librarians dressed up as Lunch Lady—even some school administrators! And I LOVE that the librarians are holding Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians in their photos. Check out this Lunch Lady love sent over via Twitter. (And how cute is that Babymouse?!

Elisa is a school librarian in Chicago, and get this—she made her own spatu-copter!

School librarian Jamie and her aide dressed as Lunch Lady and Betty. She also made some of LL's gadgets. Do you recognize these tools? 

Ralph and I also enjoyed our annual Halloween office party...

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