Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My latest TED Talk! "Why Lunch Ladies are Heroes"

I am delighted to announce that the talk that I gave at TED@NYC has been curated to the main page of! I'm pinching myself to have made it to the main page of TED again. Please take a moment to watch, and learn about how School Lunch Hero Day was formed and the heroes that it celebrates!

Happy Back-to-School Season!

All of my very best,

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Big Fat Happiness said...

I watched the Ted video and was highly impressed Jarrett with your creativity, openness and willingness to celebrate one of the most lowly roles in the school system. Time for a book about janitors too. You are a great man and I applaud you for your work.

I too am all about the power of story and would love to meet you sometime.

Thanks for your great example...