Saturday, May 31, 2014

Want to buy our house?

It has come to that time for our family to move into a bigger house as our family grows. (No, no third kid just yet...) So...looking to move to Northampton, MA? Want to buy our house?

It won't be on the market until June 10th, but if you want to make a jump on it, our realtor is Craig Della Penna and he is at 413-575-2277

We did everything to update this turn-of-the-century house to make it our home. We maintained all of the integrity of the original hard-wood detailing and floors, and updated electricity, plumbing, renovated the bathroom and kitchen to bring them to modern tastes and standards. Tile floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances—all top-notch. Also, we brought electricity, cable, telephone and the gas line to a one-car garage and transformed it into a working artist's studio/home office. 

3 bedrooms, 1 & 1/2 baths. We fenced in the large yard, added a storage shed. We are a 1/3 mile walk to downtown Florence (Miss Florence Diner!) and a 1/3 mile walk to Look Park. We're around the corner from the bike path. We're going to miss this place!

(And to our local pals, we are looking to love locally, you aren't getting rid of us!)

Also—two lavishly painted murals by yours truly in two of the bedrooms! 

There will be more photos of the interior soon, but in the meantime, this is the exterior. 

(This photo is for potential buyers, not potential stalkers. So potential stalkers, please look away...)

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