Tuesday, April 22, 2014

School Lunch Hero Day will be here on May 2nd!

Encourage good citizenship in your kids, and a sense of pride in your lunch staff on May 2nd!

One of the greatest privileges that I have had over the last several years has been meeting the "lunch ladies" at the various schools that I've visited. These folks work incredibly hard to provide our children with healthy meals on a daily basis, and so seldom get the credit and recognition that they deserve. My initial intention in creating the Lunch Lady graphic-novel series was to just draw a lunch lady fighting off robots with fish sticks-but it became so much more! Cafeteria workers nationwide have thanked me for creating a hero in their likeness, and I later learned just how much it meant to the original inspiration for the series, my childhood lunch ladies. 

Last year, I asked you to celebrate the lunch staff at your school, and it was simply amazing. We spread joy to countless cafeterias. I recently gave a talk at a district-wide meeting of School Nutrition Professionals in Indiana. One of the women approached me after the talk and told me, "You know what I got out of this? That I'm important."

I shudder at the thought of anyone thinking that they are unimportant. On May 2nd, I would love it if you would take time to say thank you in some way to the folks in your school's cafeteria. These hard-working people feed 32 million children every single day, and we should surely remind them just how important their good work is!

I encourage you to inspire your young ones to get their creativity going on a special project. Last year, kids came up with the most amazing ways to say thank you. (I catalogued many of them on Pinterest.) You can also download free School Lunch Hero Day thank-you cards on the dedicated website. (They come in both English and Spanish!) 

Thank you so much for your consideration!


Download here!

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