Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We Art Boston - bidding is now live!

When Boston-based illustrator Joe McKendry contacted me over the summer to invite me to contribute to the We Art Boston fund raiser, I didn't even need to think about it, I was in. As one who has ties to Boston, the tragic events surrounding the 2013 Boston Marathon were especially gut wrenching. And the We Art Boston fund raiser would be rallying children's book illustrators to raise money for the trauma unit at Boston Children's Hospital. I donated a piece from Lunch Lady and the Field Trip Fiasco and created a little Monkey Boy piece as well. 

Bidding is now live! 


But Joe also had a unique idea that transcended your typical charity auction. He would pass around a piece of water color paper from artist to artist, each illustrator would take on a different letter in "We Art Boston." Matt Tavares had the piece before me. His perfectly rendered baseball, complete with a faux-Ted-Williams autograph, was rather intimidating!

I thought about what Boston landmark might mean something to me. I had "S" and my mind drifted to the New England Aquarium. I have such fond memories of going as a child, and I've spent many hours there researching sea life for my upcoming picture book, Peanut Butter and Jellyfish. (Not to mention a book that used to be called Penguin Police Squad. . .)

While previously, the art had been shipped from artist to artist, I had promised Joe I would get the rest of the letters finished in my local area, where many children's book illustrators reside. I knew that Eric Carle was in town, and as luck would have it I stopped by his studio and caught him there. He was of course happy and eager to contribute. Here are a few shots taken by my friend Motoko, who works at his studio. 

We were getting closer! Next up was Grace Lin. Here we are passing the baton/mailing tube!

After Grace added her creative multi-layered Boston trinbute (a Boston Terrier, Boston's Chinatown) the "N" was polished off by Tony DiTerlizzi.

Here's what it looked like on Tony's desk:

And the finished piece!

Now, you could OWN that piece! Seriously, a piece with so many artists involved could be on your wall. . . if you are the highest bidder. BID HERE NOW!!!

Hopefully this piece goes for a pretty penny. And if it is out of your price range, you could buy a print of this unique piece. And again, all proceeds go to the trauma unit at Boston Children's Hospital! BUY THE PRINT HERE!

And read all about it in The Boston Globe!

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