Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Annie Was Warned now in paperback, just in time for 10th anniversary

Annie Was Warned is now available in a paperback edition! And believe it or not, the book celebrates ten years in print! 

The paperback edition posed a bit of a challenge. If you recall, there is a gatefold in the original hardcover edition. Gatefolds are expensive to print and therefore go against the whole point of having an affordable paperback. 

To translate Annie into paperback, the page layout changed a bit. That last page was no longer a single page and needed to become a double-page spread. 

The original hardcover edition.

With that, I needed to revisit some art. A fun challenge—recreate the exact same style and colors for something that you painted ten years ago so that it can fit in seamlessly with the original pages.

I'm proud of what I was able to accomplish. See how the ending flows with the brand-new art at your local bookshop or library!

The new paperback edition.

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