Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Flashback: The School Nutrition Association's ANC!

The School Nutrition Association hosted their Annual National Conference where our nation's school lunch staff converged to talk about putting forth the best programs for our nation's kids! It was an absolutely wild experience to keynote to 2,500 folks!

Here's a peak at the room before it got filled with enthusiastic school lunch superheroes:

Hanging out with Lunch Lady and Lynette, Cindy, Shannon and Terry, who appeared on Food Network's Chopped. I had the honor of interviewing these ladies on stage!
I think Betty could create something powerful with this piece of culinary equipment.
I want to cosplay a Snap, Crackle and Pop next year. Who's with me?
Al, Lisa, Darius and me.

Quite possibly the longest book signing line I've ever had. I now know how David Hasselhoff feels whenever he visits Germany.

Thank you to all of the SNA members who welcomed Lunch Lady and me to your conference! We had a fantastic time in KC with you!

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