Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Flashback: The Houston Public Library

Everyone at the Houston Public Library were so awesome. They even made giant Fish Stick Nunchucks!
I landed at IAH a day ahead of my event at the Houston Public Library and was greeted by a familiar face...

It was an unbelievable day at the Houston Public Library. These librarians went all out! Just crazy over the top! They decorated their hallways to look like the back alley of a PunkFarm‬ concert.

Lost Elephant posters at the Houston Library! Listed on the tear-aways: call numbers to books about elephants!

At the Houston Library - kids could be any Lunch Lady villain they wanted to be!

Honey, I shrunk the Lunch Lady. Giant LL gadgets at the Houston Library.

The librarians feted art contest entrants with lunch and free books inside lunch boxes!

Dress up and rock with Punk Farm or visit the actual animals in the petting zoo!

The kids of the Houston Library will grow up to fill our libraries and rule our world!

Thank you Houston Library librarians and patrons for an incredible day!

Check out more of the awesomeness on the Houston Public Library's Flickr page!

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