Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Flashback: Blue Bunny Bookshop

Hey guys,
I have attended some truly awesome events the past few months. This Summer Flashback is for the Blue Bunny Bookshop Platypus Police Squad Launch Party.
Thank you to the Blue Bunny Bookshop in Dedham, MA for putting on such a phenomenal party for Platypus Police Squad!

At the PPS launch at Blue Bunny Books, the Dedham Chief of Police was on hand to dispense safety tips and Jr. badges, and I was flash-mobbed by actual lunch ladies who stormed the party with homemade cookies and chocolate milk!

There were lots of Boston-based kidlit folks in attendance! So nice to meet many bloggers/Tweeters in person!

For many, many reasons, I was most excited to see my friend Chris, who is a member of the Watertown Police. I gave him a piece of art from the book.

A HUGE thank you to everybody at Blue Bunny Books for putting together such a great event, and for being such a pillar of their community!

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