Friday, May 24, 2013

All Things Considered, this was beyond words

What an absolute treat to be on one of my most favorite radio programs, and interviewed by one of my most favorite correspondents. However amazing you think Michele Norris might be in person, multiply that by a hundred, and that's what you get! I am so honored to have been May's Backseat Book Club selection on NPR's All Things Considered!

Give it a listen here! 

Also, check out this fantastic video that they produced!

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Gloria said...

I really enjoyed listening to the interview on All Things Considered. I was moved by your enthusiasm about showing kids they are all authors because they have written a story, whether they have it published or not or share it with one person. I am a Therapist and I have the privilege of working with children. I see a lot of kids being raised by their grandparents who have so much love and encouragement, but the kids continue to have a difficult time due to the loss or separation from their parents. I started to cry when I heard the part of the interview where the parole agent had visited your book signing and had previously seen you when you were a baby, crying and there wasn’t someone to take care of you. You have been through a lot, and have shown what loving, caring, supportive and encouraging grandparents can do along with your own desire and drive to keep moving forward. I plan on sharing your story with the kids and grandparents I work with, so they can continue to have hope that things can turn out well, even if birth parents aren’t the caretakers. So touched by this interview. Thank you.