Saturday, April 20, 2013

For Boston

For some time, I've been planning a blog post about the namesakes for the two heroes of my upcoming book, Platypus Police Squad. Of course, I had planned a lighthearted post about my two buddies who are cops--one in Watertown, MA, one for MIT. As you are well aware, it was not a lighthearted week here in Massachusetts. Or in New England, The United States, or the world.

I couldn't be more proud of these two men, who I've known since our teenage years, who wear a uniform, brandish a badge and keep our streets safe. They, and their colleagues, are what make our country great.

When I name characters, I often take parts of names from friends as starting points of inspiration. You'll see part of my friends' names in each lead character and their full names in the acknowledgements in the back of the book, thanking them for answering my many questions about the police force.

While they were both an invaluable part in my writing the book, I am more thankful for, and proud, of the work they did this week. They did it amongst a climate of inconceivable anxiety.

And they will do it tomorrow. And the day after that.

Nothing brought me greater joy this week than seeing Facebook photos of these officers holding their children on Friday night. C.M. and C.Z., you and your colleagues are true American heroes and I salute you.

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MrsRum said...

Suddenly, Massachusetts is close to all our hearts. Thank you to the men and women who protect Watertown, Boston, and our country. Thank you also for sharing your inspiration.