Monday, March 18, 2013

A new Lunch Lady video. A new Lunch Lady song. Now with real lunch ladies!!

What happens in the cafeteria when kids are in class? Not only does the school lunch staff fight crime, but they get their groove on! Check out the brand new Lunch Lady video below!

A HUGE thank you to Recess Monkey for putting together such a killer song! You can download the song here!

Thank you to the 
School Lunch Superheroes at:

Rock Springs Elementary
Lawrenceville, GA

York Elementary
York, NE

Latimer School
Weatogue, CT

Center School
Hopkinton, MA

Parkview Elementary
Roseville, MN

Veterans Memorial Elementary
Naples, FL

Canterbury Woods Elementary
Annandale, VA

Simonian Center for Early Learning
Sutton, MA

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