Friday, February 22, 2013

You should totally go out and get a copy of Joey Weiser's graphic novel, Mermin Vol. 1: Out of Water

For the past few years, Joey Weiser has been crucial to my meeting my deadlines. A graphic novelist in his own right, Joey has been assisting in coloring and shading the Lunch Lady books starting with book 5, and also the first Platypus Police Squad book. His self-published Mermin books, which are beyond awesome, have now been bound up in full color by Oni Press! These books will be a huge hit with young comic readers.

I'm not plugging Joey's book because he's helped me out, I'm plugging it because it's a superlative kids' graphic novel.

Learn more about Mermin, the fish-boy who yearns to live on land, at Joey's website:!

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