Friday, November 09, 2012

Jenny DeVivo, School Lunch Superhero

I recently met Jenny DeVivo on a school visit. As often is the case, I get to meet the folks who run our schools' cafeterias in a very meaningful way. But this time it was different. Ms. DeVivo started at the school as an employee in the cafeteria, but quickly saw that the corporation running the program wasn't offering a nutritional diet for the kids. So what did she do? She organized and worked with local officials to change the way things operated. She quite literally kicked the company out of town. And what really affected me personally, was that she told me that she drew upon my books for inspiration. If Lunch Lady could kick some tail, so could she! And man, did she ever. Here is Jenny with her copy of Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute. Notice the "J" on Lunch Lady's apron? I absolutely love it!

I salute this School Lunch Superhero!

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