Wednesday, November 28, 2012

from the staff of the Worcester Art Museum: stories of kids who have benefitted from the Joe & Shirl Scholarships

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When the folks at The Atlantic asked me about kids who benefitted from The Joe and Shirl Scholarships, I asked the folks at the Worcester Art Museum if they could share some stories with me. I was aware of some kids who were getting connected to courses via the scholarship, but I didn't know specifics. I've enjoyed just knowing that there were kids out there who were enjoying the same arts education that I did as a kid. I didn't need details.

I hope that these stories will move you as much as they have me.

One energetic 8 year old boy from Vietnam has started to take classes here at WAM thanks to your scholarship.He is always so excited every Saturday and has begun recruiting his cousins and friends to come take classes.He is the only person in his family that speaks English so he has to translate for us but it has been a great experience for him.

 Another recipient – 12 years old - has had a history of bad experiences in the traditional school system.She has some special needs and has always struggled with both academics and social skills.Her mother has told us how important the classes have been for her and she considers WAM to be her “safe spot”.

Another person affected by the scholarships is a mother of three (6, 8 and 13 year old children).Her husband left her and she is raising the three kids on her own.This mother cried when we told her we could give her kids scholarships.She was so excited, saying “We had no other options…”. 

BID NOW on auction items to support these scholarships!

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