Monday, September 10, 2012

painting Baghead

Today is Baghead's 10th birthday!

An old friend from the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp recently scanned and sent me this photo. Here I am at camp in the summer of 2001, at age twenty three, painting a scene from Baghead. (I put the finishing touches for the book in-between camp sessions.)

It's been a joy to see the below scene repeated again and again at school visits:

It gets me every time!

Perhaps I'll update the book for current times. Reusable-Tote-bagHead?

It's been an honor to read this book to kids over the past decade. I'm truly touched that kids are still into it and it is still in print. Here's a photo of some Bagheads and me the from just the other week:

And here are a few pictures of the Baghead book tour in 2002!

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