Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Absolutely Mindy Show and The Book Report with JJK present: THE SUMMER BOOK CLUB

I'm excited to launch a new initiative to get kids reading during the summer months! I'm teaming up with Mindy at SiriusXM's Kids Place Live to bring you a special series of author interviews. Each month, we will be featuring a different author, an author that can reach all of the kids on the other side of the radio airwaves. (There are 5 month-olds listening in their cars and there are 10 year-olds!)

And we're launching with Mr. Marc Brown!

So kids, read as many books as you can throughout the month and especially check out the titles detailed below. AND get this! Marc will draw a picture for one lucky winner. He will draw one lucky kid as a character in the world of ARTHUR!!! Official contest info will be at the Kids Place Live Facebook page here. But the short of it is, simply take photos of your kids reading Marc's books and email them in! And get creative, pack those library books on the summer car trip and HAVE FUN! And most importantly, READ!!!

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