Saturday, May 12, 2012

The loss of an icon

Maurice Sendak has influenced my peers and I beyond measure. It's difficult to fully express the feeling of loss on his passing this past week. We live in a better world because of his imagination and his courage. There are countless works of literature for young readers that would never have existed without his pioneering spirit.
I never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Sendak in person. While I'm sorry that the opportunity never arose, I will be eternally thankful to have his work. As a boy who read his work, as an artist who admires it and now as a dad who is sharing it with his young kids--I am grateful for The Wild Rumpus and all it represents.
Here is a tribute piece I made a few years back.

There are many tributes floating around the media, but none are as poignant as this collection of interviews from Fresh Air. Thanks to Terry Gross's interviews, we can all feel as if we spent some time with the man.

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